Let's answer some rumors and myths about ZampleBox
We like to think we're a pretty transparent company, we try to answer all the questions you may have about us. Here is a couple myths we've noticed that we wanted to answer for you!

Myth 1: Just because you put a flavor on your dislike preference, that means I’m NEVER going to get it.

Yes and No. So, let’s explain this with an example. Let’s say you have citrus in your dislikes, and then you have fruit, berry, and rich in your likes. If a popular, well-liked product comes down the pipeline that has the tags, Fruit, Berry, rich and Citrus, there’s a possibility you’ll get it. However, we understand there are flavors you just absolutely do not like. If you do ever receive flavors you’ve disliked - go to your profile and DISLIKE that flavor! The algorithm we have is a learning one, so the more you like and dislike the better your box will become. I would also suggest giving flavors you don’t like a shot. You might surprise yourself!

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Myth 2: The people I see in videos, live feeds, and such are the people packing the boxes.

The Seattle Team (the people you talk to in the community lounge, Facebook, Youtube, etc.) are not the people picking and packing your Boxes. We have a whole other team in Arizona that you don’t see that pick, pack, and ship out your ZampleBox. They’re really cool too.

Myth 3: ZampleBox just buys cheap e-juice

Absolutely not. Every e-juice that goes into the Box has been curated and approved by our curation team. Due to the very large purchase orders, we make of juice, typically only brands that “have their sh*t together" make it into the Box. We work with most of the larger, well-known e-juice brands, and even these larger brands have lines that people are not aware of. We do work with smaller companies as well, and their liquids have been curated in with the same process as juices from the famous brands. In our experience, there isn't an absolute correlation between fame and quality. There are small juice companies that are as good or better as some of the most famous companies.

If an e-juice tastes a little funky to you, check out this article on how to steep your e juice! That might help tremendously.

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Myth 4: ZampleBox picks and chooses where we decide to ship to

As a company, we abide by federal law and international laws. If you notice that you cannot receive products from us, more than 98% of the time, it has to do with a law in your state or country. We actively work with advocacy groups to change vaping laws, but we need your help to make the change in your area. Check out this link to find your local advocacy group and join the fight to save vaping.

Myth 5: When picking out the next bottles for my box, I’m seeing ZampleBox’s full selection of e-juice in stock

NOPE! Certain e-juices we withhold from being able to pick directly in the box, why? Because we need to make sure you get all 3, 6, or 11 bottles in your box. We do our best to let people pick out what they want, but we don’t show everything. If you’ve noticed, more popular brands typically go out of stock in a couple hours (minutes even), and we do our absolute best to withhold some from the selection so that everyone can get a shot of receiving a popular flavor.

Myth 6: ZampleBot isn’t real.

Yes, he is.

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Myth 7: ZampleBox cherry picks boxes for affiliates/employees

NOPE! Affiliates and ZB Employees go through the same exact process as every subscription member’s Box does. We all pick and choose flavors we want to try, and tailor our flavor profile to our wants. Most of our affiliates and employees have received numerous boxes and we all dislike and like flavors - which with our algorithm over time, really knows what we like.

Have more questions? Ask below!