"BLVK unicorn, majestic as...well you get the picture."

BLVK Unicorn is one of those brands that have been out for a little while, 4 unique and tasty flavors include: UniApple, UniChew, UniLoop and UniDew! It’s a solid line-up of e-liquids and our friend Joe from Joe of All Vapes review their entire line. Joe of all vapes has this to say about the line up, “BLVK is well known enough that I might be able to just bypass all the chatter that I usually bore you guys with here lol What's to say! They have made a solid name for themselves, have a pretty substantial following and are widely known and loved throughout the community! So far they have released four flavors, and are in the midst of releasing three brand new ones come the month of Jan 2017."

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