Fruit lovers Rejoice! The whole grail of fruit e-liquids is here!

First of all, let's start with the name. Pachamama is a Goddess from the indigenous people of Andes. Pachamama is the mother of Earth and Time, and seriously, when you try this e-liquid, you'll understand why. It's a succulent, juicy blend of fruits that tastes like it was picked from the trees at it's ripest point. Seriously, fruit lovers rejoice, we just found your next favorite e-liquid.

Strawberry + Guava + Jackfruit

MY FAVORITE of the trio, this combo of flavors is so balanced and smoothly, it's like the Goddess herself poured her love into the bottle. On inhale, a slightly creamy and blend of Strawberry and Guava (it's my favorite part), on exhale the full blast of strawberry, guava, and jackfruit. The guava and jackfruit balanced the strawberry with sweet and almost tart. If you love Guava flavors, seriously this stuff is unbelieve. I've never had such a great fruit blend like this.

Mango + Pitaya + Pineapple

oooooh, savory, sweet goodness! Inhale is a mix of mango and the savory side of pineapple, on exhale it's a lot sweeter. This blend is a bit more savory than it's sister flavor, but it's still pretty smooth and delicious. I enjoy this combination because of unique it is! Never had a flavor like this! If you love mango flavors, or more of the sweet and savory stuff this juice is the flavor for you!

Peach + Papaya + Coconut Cream

The creamiest of the bunch for sure! If you aren't a coconut fan, don't worry, it's not heavy on coconut. It's so faint, you can barely tell but the cream is definitely there. On inhale, it's creamy with faint hints of succulent peach and just a kiss of coconut. On exhale, all the flavor hits you. Creamy coconut, peach, and papaya. This bottle I completely finished in a day, it's just that good, and so ridiculously smooth. I love it! 5 stars for sure!

The verdict? 5 stars out of 5 stars!

Charlie's Chalk Dust has done it again, always putting out some of the best stuff I've personally ever tried in my entire life. On top of all of it, the packaging it comes in is beautiful, I really love their artwork (that's why they won Best Branding of 2016!). Again, 5 stars, I think this just became my absolute favorite fruit flavors around. If you haven't tried it, I would highly, HIGHLY, recommend you try it out!