We're taking a moment to celebrate the female vapers who work with us here at ZampleBox

As we enter into March 2017, we here at ZampleBox recognize and remember the work, sacrifice and dedicated to the women in our past who put all they had on the table to give us what we have today. We wanted to take a moment to thank the incredible ladies we with work with here at ZampleBox. Whether they're a part of our team or reviewing our product, these ladies are going down in Vaping History for sure! Check out their stories, work, and passion for vaping below...

Cara Lovely - @_caralovely

Cara is a part of our ZampleBox Instagram Team and her story of her struggles and successes with staying sober and vaping brings a tear to even the hardest of hearts. Such a sweet young woman, and we're so blessed to have her on our team! Love you Cara! Check out Cara's instagram page here!

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Vanessa from SuckMyMod

Vanessa is one of the biggest vaping YouTubers in the game. Along with her man Matt, Vanessa reviews different e juices and even vape devices. Vanessa is an amazing woman all in herself, and really she's the reason we watch SuckMyMod (sorry Matt, we do love you though!!) Check out Vanessa and Matt's channel here!

Gabrielle B - @ikvg_gabrielle

Gabrielle is another one of ladies on the Instagram team. What we love about Gabrielle is she is so true to herself and always on an adventure. Her passion for vaping is intoxicating and we absolutely adore her pictures. Lowkey, she's quite the badass. Love you Gabrielle!

Alexandra Parker

Alexandra is a part of our Youtube Affiliates and man this girl puts in work! She has dozens and DOZENS of e juice, makeup, and unboxing reviews. She is dedicated and that's what we really love about her! Keep up the amazing work Alexandra! Check out her channel here!

Nikki at @vapeslayers

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Nikki's photography! She's a part of our Instagram team, and man does she take some excellent pictures. She's been vaping for over 3 years now, plus she's super sweet, I mean how could we not love her? Thanks Nikki for being apart of the family we're super excited to see more! Check out her Instagram page!

Tara Babcock!

Gamer, Vlogger, Vaper, and Model. She's AMA-ZING. Tara has a couple of her own channels on Youtube and she's another one of those super hard working ladies. She plays video games, vapes (she does some of our ZB unboxings!) and models as her job, she's goals. For sure. Love you Tara! We look forward to working with you for many more years! Check out Tara's vlog here!

Ilhana Babic - @babsy189

Ilhana's work is STUNNING. Her photography skills are incredible and her work shows it. Ilhana lives in a country that is very new to vaping, but she's embracing it. Seriously, if you haven't seen her work before, you have to, it's so different and so beautiful! Not something you see everyday in the vaping industry. Keep being uniquely you Illhana! Check out her instagram page here!

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Tia from Tia Vapes

Tia is probably the biggest female vaping YouTuber out there. She's incredibly dedicated to her work and has helped hundreds of people find excellent flavors and even their next vape mod. We enjoy working with her and we're excited to see the future to come! Keep up the amazing work Tia, you're killing it! Check out her Youtube Channel here!

Brittany - @blue_Vape_babie

Our last but definetely not least vaping queen is Brittany. Brittany is also apart of Instagram Vape Team and she's another lady out in the industry doing really well. Brittany is 22 years old and has been smoking for 7 years before making the switch. Her story resonates with many of us, and we're proud and excited to see her continue to grow. We love working with you Brittany, we cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Small shout out to the women on our ZampleBox team that works behind the scenes to get everything working. Kacee, Kristyn, Kelsey and Marly! Here's to a great team of excellent female leaders within ZampleBox!

Who's your female vaper hero? Tell us in the comments below!