The End of Disposable Vapes?

On July 20th, 2020, the FDA notified multiple disposable vape manufacturers to remove their products from the market, as they had not been on the market or introduced before August 8th, 2016. All vapor products manufactured after this date must complete the FDA's premarket requirements and can not be marketed without their authorization. The most notable company that was hit by this letter was Puff Bar. Their disposable products have taken off like wildfire since the ban on flavored JUUL pods in January of this year. Since this letter has become public, their website now notes that "PUFF BAR HAS CEASED ALL ONLINE SALES IN THE US." These products have become incredibly popular for smokers looking to transition to vaping easily or current vapers who did not want the mess of refilling and changing coils. Since Puff Bars are being removed from the market, where will this leave the users who had finally found a way to get off of cigarettes? Are you a Puff Bar user and not sure how to continue vaping? Fear not! We are here to help you!

How to switch from a Puff Bar or Disposable Vape!

The number of different options and devices can be overwhelming if you are a new vaper. But before we start talking about mods, you should ask yourself a few questions:

How Do YOU Want to Vape?

Are you looking for the same experience as your disposable? Do you want to lower your nicotine levels? Disposables generally use higher strength nicotine, have less power, less airflow, and use a drawing technique called Mouth-to-Lung (MTL). Many larger devices use lower strength nicotine, have more power, more airflow, and use a different method called Direct-to-Lung(DTL). confusing-and-forgetful-elderly-asian-man-with-thi-ZHNYSX6.jpg

Does Size Matter?

While disposable devices are small and compact, larger devices can offer better battery life and recharge options. How big is too big?
size matters.jpg

How Much Power?

Disposable devices do not offer any adjustability for power settings. These devices most commonly run between 8-20 Watts of power. While 100-200W may seem unnecessary if you are currently using a Puff Bar, it is essential to keep in mind that if you are planning on lowering your nicotine levels, this much adjustability could be crucial for your future success. Having more power is also beneficial in the long run, because this may help you from having to upgrade your device more often. scientist-prototyping-electrical-device-in-lab-VXDT8KW.jpg

What About Features?

The truth is that vaping will never be as simple as buying cigarettes and lighting them. But this does not mean you need a device with a touchscreen or Bluetooth. Ask yourself what features are essential to you. If you are tough on your devices, keep in mind that every additional feature is just something else to break! surprised-asian-woman-ZW5AZ9H.jpg

There are Different Types of Nicotine?

If you are using a puff bar or disposable device, you are likely using a salt nicotine e-liquid. Salt nicotine e-liquids generally only come in higher strength nicotine concentrations and are formulated to be thinner for better operation in lower-powered devices. If you are planning on lowering your nicotine levels, it may be important for your device to run traditional nicotine e-liquids. Learn more about Salt Nicotine and the differences in our video here. choose-direction-PX5R4V8 (1).jpg

Choosing the Right Device

After you have asked yourself the questions above, you should have a pretty decent idea of what you want. As we mentioned before, there are many different options out there, so we will be taking a look at three different devices that we personally use and would recommend you give a shot.

ZampleBox ZBGO Vape Pod Starter Kit - $34.99

Shameless plug! This thing ROCKS! Many of us here at ZampleBox use this device and nothing else. While this device is optimized for salt nicotine vape juice, it can also accommodate some thicker traditional nicotine e-liquids. The ZBGO features a 2ml refillable/replaceable pod, magnetic USB charging, and a 370mah battery (32% Longer Lasting than a Puff Bar). The best part about this device is that you can get one for FREE when you try out our new monthly nic salt subscription box!
Get started here!

GeekVape Aegis Boost Plus Kit - $42.99*

Geekvape_Aegis_Boost_Plus_Pod_Mod_Kit_40W_Classic_Silver.jpg The Aegis Boost Plus does it all! Geekvape has been making some tough mods the past few years now. The Aegis Boost Plus takes all that they have learned and combines it into one fantastic device. This device is IP67 graded waterproof, shockproof, and dust-proof, which means it is ready for anything that you could throw at it. Another reason we are big fans of this device is because of its versatility. This is not your average pod system; the Aegis Boost is a 3in1 device. It can easily switch from pod system to RDTA and a traditional 510 connection for your favorite tank. On top of that, this device is powered by a single 18650 battery that is easily swapped out to keep you vaping all day. Other features include: Digital display, micro USB charge port, six color options, and adjustable wattage up to 40W, can run salt and traditional nicotine. *This device does not come with a battery. You will have to pick one up 1x 18650 battery sold separately.

GeekVape Aegis X Zeus Kit - $96.99*

Geekvape-Aegis-X-200W-TC-Kit-with-Zeus-Tank_006711041b9f.jpg The GeekVape Aegis changed the game a few years ago with one of the first affordable, shockproof, waterproof, dust-proof designs. The Aegis X is a continuation of the series and has some sweet new upgrades. This mod is the largest of our three recommendations, but it also features the largest battery capacity and power. Dual 18650's will give you fantastic battery life, and having the option to run atomizers up to 200W means you will have the flexibility to use just about any tank, RDA, or RDTA out there! Use an MTL tank at low power with salt nicotine or use a sub-ohm tank with traditional nicotine and crank out some clouds! Other features include: 2.4" Digital touchscreen display, eight color options, leak-proof designed tank. *This device does not come with batteries, and we recommend only charging dual battery devices with an external charger. You will need 2x 18650's and a wall charger sold separately.

Just Don't Go Back to Smoking!

Any real vaper will tell you that it does not matter what kind of device you use. All that matters is that you found a tool you are satisfied with that keeps you away from the stinkys. Ask questions, talk to other vapers, and find the right device for you. We hope this helps anyone who is looking to start vaping or transition from a disposable device. If you haven't checked out ZampleBox yet, be sure to check us out! We are sure to have the best deals on vape juice around, and we deliver them directly to your doorstep each month!

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