Is it possible that vaping can be fun? That’s a rhetorical question. Of course vaping can be fun!

For former smokers, vaping is a tool that not only helps them with the oral fixation of their smoking addiction to tobacco, it’s a whole new culture that opens them up to new and exciting social interactions while providing them with a safe alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Here are some ways that vaping can be fun.

Customization Choices

Vaping is great for former smokers because of the number of customization choices. From e-liquid juices to nicotine strength to the style and strength of a vape mod, vapers get to customize their experience completely and totally. This makes it easier and more exciting to get into the flow of vaping, increasing the likelihood of success while using it as an NRT program.

Social Interaction

Smoking, while terrible for you, is a social habit. We all remember feeling like part of the in-crowd when hanging out in the smokers’ circle, whether outside at the bar, at school, or at work Well, vapers do the same thing. Switching to vaping enables you to maintain the social nature of smoking while participating in a much healthier habit. Win, win!

Nicotine vs No Nicotine

Vaping is primarily a hobby for people that are trying to quit smoking. The clouds are fun and all, and the flavors may be great, but the truth is, this is a serious way for those who are smoking cigarettes to walk away from the habit without having to go cold turkey. For all you smoker-turned-vapers, this hobby is something you’re going to fall in love with. You get to choose your nicotine level, move down in nicotine strength when you’re ready, and you’re not stuck to the same flavors day in and day out. So take your time, figure out your approach to vaping, and have a good time vaping.

So whether you vape to save money or live a healthier lifestyle, just know that vaping can be fun to boot.

If you’re new to vaping: welcome! We’re thrilled to have you in this awesome community that’s destined to make the planet a healthier place by taking stinky cigarettes out of the equation. If you want to immerse yourself further into the fun vaping culture, feel free to check out our member's only Facebook lounge!
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