Gross E Liquids - Sriracha flavored vape!

Oh, gross e liquid. Once again. What ends will we go to to bring you gross vape juice videos? Well, we got on a plane, then another plane, then got in an uber, then kicked down the door of Good Life Vapor in Albany, Georgia. We let Jeremy Dollar of Good Life Vapor know what massive fans we are and asked him and his crew to participate in this newest episode of Gross E-Liquid. "Well..." he said, thoughtfully rubbing his illustrious beard. "I'll do even better than that. I'll whip up a bottle of my infamous Sriracha flavored vape liquid." And that's precisely what he did. And all of us poor bastards sat down and tried it. Also in this video, three of the greatest hits of gross vapes rear their ugly heads to wreak havoc on yet another mouth. Watch to find out which ones. And most importantly, watch to see Chris and Ian's reactions to the Sriracha flavored vape.

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