Welcome to the ZAMPLEBOX Holiday Deals Guide

You’ve been shopping. You’ve been preparing. Xmas is almost here. It’s almost time to relax, take a minute, and treat yourself for a job well done. We’re here to help with that! We’ve got tons of great eliquids and some cool pieces of hardware that are perfect as that little indulgence to reward yourself or as a belated Xmas gift for that special vaper in your life.

Want to make the switch this New Years or know someone else who does? We’ve got you covered there too with some great starter kit devices!

Scroll down and check out all the awesome deals!

Membership (Special Deal for New ZBers)

wholesale_deal.jpg To bring these deals to you, our new ZB Wholesale membership is 50% off through the end of Xmas day! What does that mean? That means that you can access prices that simply aren't available to the public. We're talking about 30ml bottles from premium brands for only $6 or so. We're talking about 15ml bottles for only $3 or so. We're talking about 60ml bottles for under $10. Use the coupon code below when buying anything in the ZB Store to get your discount off your new ZBW membership!



The DigiFlavor Pharoah Dripper was created collaboratively by DigiFlavor and Rip Trippers. A good, flavorful dripper with sleek minimalist styling, the Pharoah is a fun piece of kit for anyone who enjoys building their own coils and wants good flavor and good clouds.


The SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast is one of the darlings of 2017. Beloved by many, it's serious bang for your buck. SMOK's coils generate serious flavor, and the tank itself is a steal. A worthy addition to any vaper's collection.


Where to start? The Innokin Endura T20S is just fantastic. It's not a cloud chucker, but for all those mouth-to-lung style vapers out there, it's hard to do much better than this for such a good price. The flavors are wonderful, Innokin's Prism coils are quite affordable, and the design is sleek and discrete. If you're looking for great airflow, great flavor, and serious affordability all in one cool looking little kit, this is your jam!


These little Joyetech Whiz-Bangs are fun, small, and also very affordable. Are they as good or better than the T20S? That's up for vapers to decide, but one thing we can be certain of is that we're in a heyday for great, small mouth to lung vapes. They're better than they've ever been, so make your choice and try one out!


Innokin's on a roll right now. That T20S? Awesome for people who like a mouth-to-lung draw. The coolfire kit with the scion tank? AWESOME for people who like big hits and big clouds. By the way, our editor used the wrong picture for this thing in the video. The Scion tank is in the picture here in the post.

E-Liquid Deals


699_30_oneup_strawberrygummy_56percent.png 699_30_vapetasia_killerkustardstrawberry_42percent.png 699_30_drfogsfamousicecream_rigel_53percent.png 699_30_calisteam_crazytoucan_42percent.png 11_60_coastalclouds_theabyss_56percent.png 699_30_oneup_sourpower_56percent.png 6_30_alternative_alpha_60percent.png 699_30_calisteam_calimilk_42percent.png 699_30_skwezed_greenapple_56percent.png 899_60_zbvape_watermelon_55percent.png 6_30_alternative_beta_60percent.png 9_30_mondays_milkandoats_50percent.png 699_30_calisteam_caligirls_42percent.png 6_30_alternative_delta_60percent.png 6_30_alternative_iota_60percent.png 6_30_alternative_omega_60percent.png 699_30_emoji_peachrings_56percent.png 699_30_calisteam_razzlepop_42percent.png 699_30_skwezed_pistachiomilk_56percent.png 699_30_classified_delightful_65percent.png 699_30_skwezed_peach_56percent.png 299_15_dripline_dragonfruitraspberry_67percent.png 699_30_calisteam_carnival_42percent.png 699_30_sweetcreamvapory_bananacream_56percent.png 699_30_drfogsfamousicecream_polaris_53percent.png 699_30_taffyman_roper_63percent.png 699_30_charlieschalkdust_headbanginboogie_65percent.png 699_30_gost_parfait_56percent.png 299_15_singleshot_watermelon_73percent.png 699_30_gost_blue_56percent.png 299_15_mightyvapors_mysterypop_75percent.png 299_15_boba_lychee_73percent.png 699_30_charlieschalkdust_slamberry_65percent.png 699_30_gost_milkhead_56percent.png 9_30_mondays_fruitflakes_50percent.png 699_30_charlieschalkdust_mustachemilk_65percent.png 699_30_calisteam_cinnaswirl_42percent.png 699_30_taffyman_numskullzstranana_63percent.png 699_30_dsquared_butternutz_65percent.png 699_30_vapestorm_shotsafterdark_65percent.png 699_30_vapestorm_alamode_53percent.png 699_30_vapestorm_datcereal_65percent.png blog_cta.jpg