Spencer's passion started with vaping

until helping a close friend record trick videos turned into a lifelong passion for photography. Starting out using an iPhone 5C and eventually making the plunge into his first DSLR camera.


My name is Spencer Chapman and I am a freelance photographer that specializes in vape/vapor related products as well as lifestyle category of photography. My photography style is more tuned to modern street art along with nature, I prefer getting out and exploring while taking photos, it often helps inspire me to try new angles and techniques with my photography. I also am enrolled at Stephen F. Austin University, I am currently a junior majoring in marketing. Other hobbies include gaming, golfing, and hanging out with friends!

Q&A with @spencerthevaper

How did you get into vaping? Did you smoke before vaping, and if so how long were you a smoker? If not, what was the reason for vaping?
Spencer: Yes I smoked cigarettes for 2 months before making the switch to vaping. I knew I wanted to quit, I just didn't know how. After researching how vaping worked, I wanted to give it a try, I grew up with a family heavy smokers, so I was determined to quit.

You take amazing photos, were you always into photography or is this a new passion of yours? If you have always been into photography, what got you interested in taking photos specifically for vaping?
Spencer: Thank you, photography was not always my passion, my passion for vaping actually came before I took photos. The way I got into vape photography was actually through a life long friend of mine, Zachary Hester III, or @zeakobeastly as some know him. I started out helping Zach record his vape trick videos and he was the one to push me to take photos. I started out using an iPhone 5C for taking vape photos, soon after I realized it was something I loved to do, I took the plunge and bought my first DSLR camera.

When it comes to creating art, no matter what form it is in, we all have something or someone that gives us inspiration; whom or where do you find inspiration for your photos?
Spencer: As for my inspiration, I find most of it in nature or street art. I try to explore the area that surrounds me in a different perspective, seeing things in a way that most might overlook or even look through it. This helps me make unique decisions and placement for the products used in the shot, in an attempt to catch the eye.

Who are your favorite vape photographers out there at the moment?
Spencer: A few of my favorite vape photographers would have to be @cire.mudilos , @bammik.images, and last but not least @dripmedia. I've known them for a good amount of time, but they inspire me to think outside the box and experiment with my photography.

What is your favorite place to take photos, and why is it your favorite?
Spencer: My favorite spot to take photos would have to be a small town in Dallas, TX, called Deep Ellum. It's my favorite because every building is covered in graffiti and other forms of street art, I feel that backdrops like those catch the eye and draw you in to the photo.

If you are not taking photos what could we normally find you doing in your spare time?
Spencer: In my free time when I am not shooting or doing school related activities, I like to edit photos, play golf with family, and often like to play video games. Also hanging out with friends and family is another way I like to use my spare time.

You are currently in school, what are you getting your degree in, and what are you hoping to do after you graduate?
Spencer: I am currently a junior in college, I'm pursuing a degree in Marketing. This past spring semester I did get my Associates degree from Tyler Junior College. Once I finish my marketing degree I plan to find a vape or photography related job, and continue to save up money until I am able to own my own photo studio.

What is your favorite piece of vape equipment (devices or juice) to photograph and why?
Spencer: My favorite vaping devices to photograph would have to be Dotmod products, simply because they are beautiful pieces of equipment and the variety of colors make for unique photos. As for juices, either the Z by Zamplebox or the Fresh Juice Co. line, they proved to be very photogenic.

What is the hardest part about being a vape photographer?
Spencer: The hardest part about being a vape photographer is working with small bottles of juice and devices. It sometimes can be difficult keeping up with all of the products while shooting, it can also be hard getting the right shot. Sometimes if the wind picks up the juice bottles or mods could fall, tip over, or get out of position. It's crucial getting the brand name of the product in the shot, so if it moves even an inch, a perfect photo could be worthless.

And probably the most important! What type of camera do you currently use and what is your favorite lens? Also, if you could have any camera or lens, what would you pick?
Spencer: Currently I am shooting with a Nikon D3300, with my favorite lens being the stock 24.2 megapixel 18-55mm. I plan to move to a macro lens for my Nikon D3300 soon however. If I could have any camera it would have to be the Sony Alpha A7000, paired up with a Sony 100mm f/2.8 macro lens, that would be my ultimate on the go camera setup.

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