28 Days Vape King's Castle E-Juice Flavor

Live like a king: you'll turn purple with pleasure when you vape the most delicious ripe plum e-liquid in the kingdom. Fruit for royalty straight from the royal tree.

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Don't know about plum. I got more of a watered down prune juice. Not my idea of a daily vape. Did have a decent throat hit.

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I've tried several juices from this line. All flavors including this seems non flavorful. I barely have a flavor hit. This was a very dull flavor and I didn't enjoy it. The vapor was fine but nothing else hit home for me. I didn't enjoy this juice either.

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I've had several flavors in the last two months from this line, and I'm not impressed. It doesn't have good flavor. Very very mild and never very accurate either. I'd rather not get anymore from this brand if I have a choice.