WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Alan's review of Tiger Stripes by 28 Days Vape

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There seems to be a division between folks who found the menthol overpowered the berries, and those that just thought it was too much menthol.

I found the menthol to be a bit weak for a formula with few other flavors. I filled a tank for a menthol cigarette smoker, and she hardly recognized the menth at all. Another reason I'm glad I took up vaping and quit smoking: having a sense of taste again.

I do have to agree the berry flavor is far too mild, but this is weak sauce all across the board. Not terrible, but nothing I'd recommend. The exhale seems to have more of that delightful chill, but no berry.

28 Days Vape makes many great flavors, and their steeping routine commonly produces bold flavors. This one, not so much. But hey, they can't all be home runs, right?

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