WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
ABAY Mint Pods (4-Pack) by ABAY

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ABAY Mint Pods (4-Pack) ABAY

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ABAY Mint Pods (4-Pack) has menthol
ABAY Mint Pods (4-Pack) has mint
ABAY Mint Pods (4-Pack) has peppermint

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ABAY Mint Pods (4-Pack) - 5.0% Nicotine

Each pack of ABAY pods contains 4 x 1.6mL pods (more than 2x as large as JUUL pods).

Please Note: This product contains highly concentrated nicotine specifically designed for use in an ABAY Device.

For adult smokers of legal smoking age only.


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Vapor Production
Throat Hit

Top positive review

Samantha avatar



For those of us hoping to swear off cigarettes, these are great if you smoke menthol. They taste even better in my opinion.

Top negative review

Devin avatar



Been through about a dozen of these pods. All start to taste very bad after a dozen hits, no matter the time in between. is it the wicking material?

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Austin avatar



Thought Juul's mint pods were good? Wait until you try these bad boys, It blows them out of the water.

Brody avatar



I prefer the melon ice, but if you are a former menthol smoker give these a shot. The mint isn't overpowering at all. Kind of a light toothpaste flavor.

Jose avatar



I would recommend this to anyone who smokes, i've tried all the flavours and for a smoker who likes mint i would go with melon mint for a lighter hit but mint for a full cig hit over all the abay is good battery last about a full day of using it at a bit more then moderate use, charge takes about 10-15 min depending what you use to charge it over all pretty good and if you buy 3 or more with auto ship you get the abay free so why not try it, however if u smoke a lot like me the taste kinda gets lost and i would have to change flavours to enjoy it again the only bad thing