WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
ABAY Variety Pods (4-Pack) by ABAY

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ABAY Variety Pods (4-Pack) ABAY

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ABAY Variety Pods (4-Pack) has menthol
ABAY Variety Pods (4-Pack) has mint
ABAY Variety Pods (4-Pack) has tobacco
ABAY Variety Pods (4-Pack) has fruit
ABAY Variety Pods (4-Pack) has dessert

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ABAY Variety Pods (4-Pack) - 5.0% Nicotine

Each pack of ABAY pods contains 4 x 1.6mL pods (more than 2x as large as JUUL pods). Variety pack includes 1 each of the following flavors: Mango, Melon Ice, Mint, and Dessert.

Please Note: This product contains highly concentrated nicotine specifically designed for use in an ABAY Device. Brand*

For adult smokers of legal smoking age only.


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So I recently purchased this mod from watching a youtubers review. The mod itself is small and its discreet, so its perfect for those who like to vape without being too showy. I bought 3 flavors: the mint, mango and melon ice. Personally my favorite is the melon ice, its an "okay" flavor. The mango is also decent and I have to say I dislike the mint. It could just be me being used to the juul's mint flavor but nonetheless, it's still overall a "mint" flavor. Price is perfect, Amount of juice in each mod is amazing, charging and mod are both really good, I give the flavors 4 stars because I bet ABAY can do better. One little personal opinion I dislike about the mod is the Logo "ABAY" on the bottom of it. I think the font should be changed because with the font it looks like a cheap fake. Beside that, I love it. 4 stars

Top negative review

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Sadly the flavors are not great, I bought 3 packs since I wanted options but......I didn't like any of them. My boyfriend thought Mango was just ok, and my friend thought the mint was usable. Sadly I just was not a fan, sorry. I'm going to stick with regular zamplebox. Much better tasting....oh and I own the Juul too, Abay is a better overall price, flavors are close but not quite as good but a lot better price.

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the flavors are useless and i really would just prefer the tobacco one if they still made it