Air Factory Eliquid ?Mystery?
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Wow! This juice hits the spot with every detail. The inhale is smooth, a fresh kick of berries, almost creamy and the exhale a burst of maybe blue raspberry undertones. I can depict each flavor note, but definitely picking up a berry vibe. It tastes exactly like an air head. I actually don't prefer air head candy, but this mystery ejuice is a top favorite in my book! I vape with 3mg of nicotine in this, the throat hit is minimal, it's super light on the throat, not harsh and doesn't taste like chemicals. It's a light berry blend of bliss!

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I just picked up ?MYSTERY? yesterday as a total blind-buy. All I was told by the sales staff that it was like the white "mystery" flavored Air Heads. As far as the flavor goes I can definitely taste the Air Head flavor, especially on the exhale. Since we're on the topic of taffy-like candy, I also picked up a lot of raspberry Mamba taffy candy flavor on the inhale. This stuff is amazing! I am absolutely in love with it. I'm vaping it through a Smok Stick V8 "Big Baby" using a .15Ω X4 coil. ?MYSTERY? is a real mellow juice, flavor isn't in your face, but it's absolutely everywhere. I pick up some hints of grape (candy/soda) flavors, definitely getting assorted berries, and maybe a honeysuckle. I'm not too sure about the last one and I guess that's the point of ?MYSTERY? There are flavors that are hard to distinguish.

Vapor production is good, I was told that it's 70VG/30PG, but I get the feeling that it might actually be a 75VG/25PG or something because I felt like I was getting bigger vapor hits than some of my other 70/30 blends. Also, while we're here, I think I should also mention that I got little-to-no throat hit at all.

?MYSTERY? comes in a crystal-clear gorilla unicorn bottle. It has a skinny needle like tip that makes it easy to fill my tank in one go, rather than filling the dropper four or five times and sometimes making a mess because of bubbles that form around the narrow filling slot. If you're into packaging and collecting the boxes that vaping products sometimes sell in, ?MYSTERY? comes in a box with a pretty cool looking graphic design of a taffy creature (or something) that looks like a graffiti mural. That design also covers the clear plastic bottle in a vinyl sticker.

I would definitely recommend ?MYSTERY? to anyone who vapes. It's a great flavor which isn't too intense so you don't have to worry about getting tired of it. It's especially amazing in the morning.