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Miss White doesn't like it when people say no to her, so better start heading to the store to get some raspberry passion iced tea eliquid to spice up that passion.

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Unfortunately I contracted a throat infection the day before receiving my very first Zamplebox and as a result can't taste a good lots and vaping started to be a bit harsh. Even so, this is the first bottle I opened and the smell is a light raspberry iced tea. I juiced up my dripper and tentatively took a big hit, expecting it to sting my throat, however, I was surprised to find that this was not thecase. This liquid is extremely smooth. As for the flavour.... Definitely Raspberry iced tea. Unfortunately I couldn't make out the Dragonfruit and Berries, but there is an extra depth of flavour not present in other Iced Tea flavours I have tried, in my experience they tend to have quite a flat profile. I am very happy with this juice so far and I will definitely try it again when my poor tastebuds work again. Zamplebox were amazing and sent this in a 30ml bottle and I think it will get used up before I open bottle number 2. Overall this is a light refreshing ADV not too sweet but full of flavour. I would definitely recommend