ANML Looper E-Juice Flavor
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Looper by ANML is the newest addition to ANML's growing e-liquid collection, perfected and made by hand in small batches by Phillip Rocke. Looper carries a remarkably accurate flavor of fruity cereal over creamy milk; it has a complex-yet-immediately-familiar taste that flawlessly balances the crispness of a newly-opened box of fruity cereal with the rich, indulgent flavor of fresh milk.

Phillip Rocke has once again elevated industry standards, re-thinking from the ground up a flavor that is often-duplicated, but never perfected. Juxtaposing a smooth, full-bodied inhale against crisp notes of fruit and milk upon exhale, Looper is a category-killer that stands out in the crowded category of dime-a-dozen desserty cereal juice flavors.


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JUST. LIKE. THE REAL THING. I was about to go to the vape shop and buy a bottle and I'm so glad I just found it here!! I'm not normally a fruity person when it comes to juices, but I was looking for something different a while back and this was suggested. It tastes exactly like fruit loops. I like cereal and milky juices. I vaped on Milkman for an entire year, and Unicorn Milk before that. After a while the same thing doesn't taste anymore. Looper was the last juice I bought before joining ZBox. I'm so happy to see it here. It's the perfect blend of fruit loops and milk.