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No . 64 by Beard Vape Co

Perhaps the most layered E-liquid on the market, NO. 64 is a unique raspberry hibiscus twist. Boasting hints of tart berry and sweet, aromatic hibiscus, NO. 64 is a sophisticated yet simple flavor. Using only the finest ingredients available, NO. 64 is one of the best fruit flavors on the market, as the flavor is more than just a hit of raspberry. Beard Vape Co. meticulously crafted a flavor profile that tells a story of elegance, fullness, and robust notes that is sure to become one of your go-to vapes.

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Heck ya!! Finally a vape juice that you can vape all day. Flavor is on point and threw out the day you always get a different note of hibiscus or blueberry. And once the flavor gets muted just a bit after vaping all day you start to get a cotton candy type of flavor. Like a blueberry cotton candy flavor. Best vape juice flavor I have tried to date.