WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Jordan's review of UniLoop by BLVK UNICORN

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It’s definitely what it says on the tin, but I’d also have to say that it’s fairly generic in that it doesn’t stand out from any other juices in this profile. However, I have read that steeping the juice does improve it. It’s fine, all the flavours are there but they aren’t prominent and/or mind-blowing. There’s no journey with this juice, you don’t get one thing on the inhale, another on the exhale, and a peppering of something special to tantalise you. It’s just fruit and cereal in a bottle – which is okay – but there are definitely better versions of this out there. There are absolutely loads of companies that do the fruity cereal flavour juices, so for a flavour like this to stand out from the many it really needs to offer a wow factor, and sadly this doesn’t do that for me. It’s alright. Above average, but below excellent.

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