WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Sour Deez Ice by Bomb BombZ Ice Series

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Sour Deez Ice has fruit
Sour Deez Ice has menthol
Sour Deez Ice has candy
Sour Deez Ice has sour
Sour Deez Ice has icy

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Sour Deez Ice is a delicious mix of sour coated jelly candy!

About Sour Deez Ice by Bomb Bombz Vape Juice

Bomb Bombz has got to be our favorite vape juice brand as they continue to surprise and amaze us with premium vape juices of incredible quality. This time, they have something really special in store for all vaping enthusiasts.

We present you with Sour Deez Ice that brings an utterly delicious and quite refreshing flavor of sweet jelly mixed with the energetic taste of sour coated candy. Whether you prefer icy, sour, candy, menthol, or fruity flavor, Sour Deez Ice delivers and then some.

How does Sour Deez Ice by Bomb Bombz Vape?

Sour Deez Ice goes very gently on your throat. However, its biggest strength is its VG/PG ratio, 80/20, which is perfect for cloud chasers and all vapers that love producing thick clouds of vapor. If you’re a fan of candy but love doing vape tricks, Sour Deez Ice will be all you need and more.

It’s a well-mixed blend of pre...mium quality ingredients, designed to give you a top vaping experience with each vaping session.

What Are the Most Popular Flavors of Bomb Bombz Vape Juices?

Bomb Bombz Vape Juices offer a vast selection of the highest quality, best vape juices in the market. You can’t go wrong with our e-liquids. If you love to stay on the icy side, we suggest you try Skywalker Ice that brings you the combination of juicy lychee and tangy kiwi.

However, we’re a bit partial to berries, and if you’re too, our best recommendation would be Zonk - Mixed Berries.

Why Do People Like Bomb Bombz E-Juices?

People love Bomb Bombz e-juices because the brand has been consistent with exceptional quality for years now. Countless positive reviews on the internet are the best proof of how dedicated this brand is to producing the best vape juices for vaping enthusiasts from all over the world.

Why Should You Buy Sour Deez Ice by Bomb Bombz E-Juice from ZampleBox?

If you’re after top prices and premium vaping products, Bomb Bombz e-juice should be your option number one. Here at ZampleBox, we deal with the best vape juice brands in the industry. Sour Deez Ice is among the highest quality vape juices around.

You can buy it here at Zamplebox at wholesale prices and get amazing discounts in the process. Visit our website today and get your Sour Deez Ice goodness!

For adult smokers of legal smoking age only.


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Top positive review

Khang avatar



Well mixed blend. Too dank to pass if you like koolada/gummy worms/fruity candy vape. Generally with juices that has ice/iced in their name, it's mostly koolada and not menthol so you don't have to worry about tasting strong menthol/mints aroma. I tasted a very good mix of artificial fruits, remind me of some old fashioned candies. I'd love some more ice but the lacks of ice make you want to take another puff.

Top negative review

Edwin avatar



Got some badass menthol but the flavor isnt very good

More Reviews

Photo of Sour Deez Ice by Jessica
Jessica avatar



Super nice sour flavor. Sweet as well. Strong menthol but I enjoy it. Would buy again.

Roxana avatar



Very refreshing , one of the best sour e juice i ever try Love it !

Floyd avatar



Oh man, that's all I got to say about this. 100% I don't know about anyone else but the icy flavor was the dominate flavor and every thing else was a nice little under tone after taste. I thoroughly enjoy this flavor and I'm looking forward to trying out some other flavors by BOMB BOMBZ.

Photo of Sour Deez Ice by Shane
Shane avatar



Tastes like sour skittles. Delicious, sour fruity taste with a sweet candy exhale. I’m definitely going to be getting a large bottle of this flavour.

Photo of Sour Deez Ice by Tyler
Tyler avatar



Would have given this 5 stars but once again which must just be a consistency from the bomb bombz line to much ice way to much really enjoyed the fruit flavors off this one though at least that I could taste through the ice would love to try it in a non ice version

Ana avatar



I like it. It's really refreshing but the ice is a bit overpowering. After a few minutes it almost feels like my chest is frozen. It overpowers the rest of the flavors where I feel like all I taste is the menthol.