WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Holy Grapple by Bomb BombZ Premium E Liquid

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Holy Grapple has fruit
Holy Grapple has candy
Holy Grapple has grape
Holy Grapple has apple
Holy Grapple has tart

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Premium E-Liquid That Combines Tart Grapes With Sweet Apple For A Fantastic Vaping Experience

About Holy Grapple By Bomb BombZ Vape Juices

Holy Grapple is another premium top quality vape juice made by Bomb BombZ. It belongs to the Regular Series, and it’s one of the most popular choices for passionate vapers looking for a unique vaping experience. The unique mix of grape and apple flavors provides a fantastic experience that quickly becomes very addictive.

Holy Grapple offers one of the best mixes of fruity, candy, and tart tastes, offering a mouthwatering vaping experience that will make you forget about other e-liquids for quite some time.

How does Holy Grapple from Bomb Bombz Vape?

Imagine eating sweet grapes and sour apples mixed together in a fruit salad. Well, Holy Grapple offers the same flavor, but without all the chewing. It takes your taste buds on a wild ride that starts with a sweet taste, followed by a candy apple flavor with a tart aftertaste.

While these two ingredients may not seem that impressive, Bomb BombZ did a fantastic job mixing them into something completely new and unique. You can expect a premium vaping experience and a super-rich flavor.

What Are The Most Popular Flaavors by BombBombz Vape Juice?

Bomb Bombz has a few award-winning premium top quality juices in their offer. Their Ice series is entirely made for winter vaping, but their Regular series are just as good. The company produces plenty of popular flavors, but God’s Gift and Green Crack take the winning position. God’s Gift is the perfect choice for vapers who prefer refreshing fruity flavors, while the Green Crack offers the best mix of sour belt green apple candy. Both flavors are sticky, sweet, and unforgettable.

Why Do People Like Bomb BombZ e-Juices?

In short, Bomb BombZ aims to provide vapers with unique top quality premium e-liquids that activate all taste buds at the same time. Everything about their products screams quality. The packaging is impressive, the ingredients are 100% natural, and every flavor is a result of months of careful mixing and testing.

You can try any e-liquid made by Bomb BombZ, and you will get the same premium vaping experience, no matter what flavor you try. If you’re looking for the best - you came to the right place.

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Make sure that you try Holy Grapple and surprise yourself with a top-quality vaping experience unlike any other. Enjoy!

For adult smokers of legal smoking age only.


Vapor Production
Throat Hit

Top positive review

James avatar



The grape is more prominent than the apple but still an enjoyable vape.

Top negative review

Pamela avatar



I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but I would definitely not recommend this one. I was looking forward to trying it, because I really like both grape and apple, and together should have been a win win proposition, but it wasn't. Instead of getting the grape/apple flavor I was expecting, what I got was the taste of grape/apple peels. A mild throat hit is important, and I do appreciate good vapor production, and this juice had that - but flavor is every bit important to me, and this just missed the mark.

More Reviews

James avatar



Very strong concord grape taste. Just a faint apple on exhale. Not a bad vape, especially if you like grape.

Michael avatar



Best grape apple flavor I've tried so far, clean crisp and simple, flavors hit on both sides, perfect all day vape.