Bomb Sauce Shanna
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Rich, ripened, strawberries with all the sweet vanilla custard undertones we know and love, each skillfully matched with a dense but never overpowering sweet sugar cookie. The combination blends to a unique flavor that takes a different form for everyone. The one thing they have in common though is that it is love at first vape.

70% VG

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Top negative review


I was excited to try this juice but was surely disappointed in it. It's a dry hit that tastes like.... almost like rotten fruit. I might've received a very bad spoiled batch but that's what it tasted like. I had to throw put my bran new coil AND the fresh yummy juice I refilled it with because the taste lingered and ruined it. Ick.

Didn't taste vanilla, strawberry, maybe a faint cookie / milk taste but it tasted very stale. Not a cookie I would ever buy in store. The fruit was their but it tasted rotten and spoiled. 😝