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Veruca by Bomb Sauce

Enjoy a deep and decadent blueberry smothered in a wildberry glaze overtop a sweet spiced cinnamon crumble, oozing a smooth and regal icing. With so much intensity packed into one smooth vape it comes as no surprise that you can easily experience a different tone of the greater whole with every subsequent vape flavor, or a veteran looking for something new, look no further.

70% VG

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This is hands down my favorite all day vape. Very smooth inhale/exhale with flavor notes of blueberry jam/juice.The Cinnamon is very very faint but there enough to nullify any artificial taste or the blueberry being far to strong. The description is absolutely accurate. Bomb Sauce is an amazing company and you'd be doing yourself a disservice not at least giving this one a go. Do I Recommend it? Absofrigginlutely. Also the Icing it describes in the info is present but also faint , again it does add to the mix providing a slightly pancakey maple taste? It's very pleasing.