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7th & Grand

7th & Grand

Made in New York, NY

7th & Grand started as an attempt to create an honest product. Their goal was to create a product that is true to its label and sells itself. After many attempts to get the craft right, they took it to market and received outstanding reviews from vapers across the nation. They stand behind three things: Disrupting the status quo, selling great products and providing excellent service.7th & Grand strives to appeal to a niche market: the vaper that has a sense of class, style, and sophistication. They chose the name "7th & Grand" because their sales director's favorite whiskey bar; called 7 Grand, located on 7th & Grand. It's evident that they're fond of a classy drink or two since they currently base all of our blend names on cocktails.7th and Grand is a small company. All of the products are handmade with USP certified, American made ingredients. Their goal isn't to mass produce products; the goal is to produce great juice so the people looking for something different, complex, and unique have something to take home.