Banzai Vapor

Banzai Vapor

Made in Lakewood, WA

Our neighbors from Tacoma, WA; Banzai Vapors have been crafting diverse and extremely high quality e-liquids. Banzai Vapors have multiple lines of juice with products perfect for any style of device. Keep an eye on Banzai because there's always something new and exciting on the horizon!

Buicy Jooty Juice

Buicy Jooty

by Banzai Vapor

4.5/5 902 Ratings

fruit, menthol, passion fruit, and mint

Buddha Berry Juice

Buddha Berry

by Banzai Vapor

4.5/5 432 Ratings

fruit, berry, blackberry, and blueberry

Wondermelon Juice


by Banzai Vapor

5.0/5 15 Ratings

fruit, melon, and watermelon

Why So Serious? Juice

Why So Serious?

by Banzai Vapor

4.0/5 18 Ratings

candy, grape, fruit, and cream

Bite Me Juice

Bite Me

by Banzai Vapor

5.0/5 28 Ratings

menthol, guava, and mint

Chill Pill Juice

Chill Pill

by Banzai Vapor

5.0/5 19 Ratings

menthol, tobacco, rich, and icy

Ronin's Reserve Juice

Ronin's Reserve

by Banzai Vapor

4.5/5 21 Ratings

earthy, tobacco, and woody

Bat Country Juice

Bat Country

by Banzai Vapor

4.5/5 1,798 Ratings

fruit, peach, and dragon fruit

Scorpion Juice


by Banzai Vapor

4.0/5 43 Ratings

tobacco and toffee

Rad Berry Juice

Rad Berry

by Banzai Vapor

4.5/5 165 Ratings

menthol, berry, and raspberry

Star Spangled Bananer Juice

Star Spangled Bananer

by Banzai Vapor

5.0/5 45 Ratings

fruit, berry, banana, strawberry, and blueberry

Fairies & Cream Juice

Fairies & Cream

by Banzai Vapor

5.0/5 1,631 Ratings

cream, berry, fruit, blueberry, and strawberry

Futterbinger Juice


by Banzai Vapor

3.5/5 160 Ratings

peanut butter, chocolate, candy, and dessert

Gukake Juice


by Banzai Vapor

4.0/5 15 Ratings

dessert, cream, vanilla, cake, cupcake, custard, and banana

Tricky Alchemy Juice

Tricky Alchemy

by Banzai Vapor

4.0/5 150 Ratings

fruit, tropical, and passion fruit

Twinkin' of You Juice

Twinkin' of You

by Banzai Vapor

4.5/5 270 Ratings

vanilla, cake, dessert, and cream

Sweep the Leg Juice

Sweep the Leg

by Banzai Vapor

5.0/5 1,419 Ratings

fruit, bubblegum, candy, apple, green apple, and tart

Double Rainbow Juice

Double Rainbow

by Banzai Vapor

4.0/5 177 Ratings

fruit, candy, and tropical

Never Say Pie Juice

Never Say Pie

by Banzai Vapor

4.5/5 1,385 Ratings

dessert, apple pie, and apple

Milk Plus Juice

Milk Plus

by Banzai Vapor

4.5/5 1,265 Ratings

dessert, cream, caramel, and milk

Pound It Juice

Pound It

by Banzai Vapor

5.0/5 7 Ratings

dessert, cake, and lemon

Tobacco Juice


by Banzai Vapor

0.0/5 0 Ratings


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