Classic Line

Classic Line

From Richmond, VA

SoCo Bacco Juice

SoCo Bacco

by Classic Line

3.5/5 99 Ratings

tobacco, alcohol, rum, and butter rum

Watermelon Yum Yum on Ice Juice

Watermelon Yum Yum on Ice

by Classic Line

4.0/5 157 Ratings

menthol, candy, gum, melon, watermelon, and wintergreen

Watermelon Yum Yum Juice

Watermelon Yum Yum

by Classic Line

5.0/5 186 Ratings

fruit, bubblegum, candy, melon, watermelon, and gum

Unicorn Fart Juice

Unicorn Fart

by Classic Line

4.0/5 119 Ratings

candy, peach, fruit, and licorice

Peppermint Dream Juice

Peppermint Dream

by Classic Line

3.5/5 142 Ratings

chocolate, mint, peppermint, dessert, and cookie

Special Sauce Juice

Special Sauce

by Classic Line

4.5/5 149 Ratings

dessert, cream, marshmallow, and vanilla

Snickerdoodle Juice


by Classic Line

3.5/5 131 Ratings

dessert, cookie, and milk

Short Cake Juice

Short Cake

by Classic Line

4.0/5 169 Ratings

dessert, rich, cake, berry, and strawberry

Red DragonFruit Juice

Red DragonFruit

by Classic Line

4.5/5 109 Ratings

tangy, fruit, orange, dragon fruit, citrus, and lemon

Purp Juice


by Classic Line

4.0/5 96 Ratings

menthol, drink, gum, grape, and tart

Purple Drink Juice

Purple Drink

by Classic Line

4.5/5 88 Ratings

fruit, drink, grape, and tart

Pretty in Pink Juice

Pretty in Pink

by Classic Line

4.5/5 208 Ratings

lemonade, citrus, fruit, drink, and cranberry

Pee Wee Juice

Pee Wee

by Classic Line

4.5/5 148 Ratings

fruit, peach, and melon

Mentholicious Juice


by Classic Line

2.5/5 130 Ratings


Frosty Tobacco Juice

Frosty Tobacco

by Classic Line

2.5/5 133 Ratings

menthol, tobacco, mint, and cool mint

Fresh Tobacco Juice

Fresh Tobacco

by Classic Line

2.0/5 138 Ratings

tobacco, citrus, earthy, and woody

Caucasian Juice


by Classic Line

3.0/5 121 Ratings

dessert, coffee, vanilla, latte, alcohol, and rum

Amber Icee Juice

Amber Icee

by Classic Line

3.0/5 102 Ratings

menthol, cigar, and cool mint

Amber Juice


by Classic Line

3.0/5 125 Ratings

tobacco, banana, cigar, and earthy

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