WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Delete Me

Delete Me


Everyone knows the story about the three little bears, this blend is going to make you feel like the star of the tale who has searched far and wide until she found what was just right for her. You are going to be able to find that ideal flavor that you have been hoping for all of these years within this juice that packs so much flavor into every single last inhale you take. This is just the vaping option for any of those sweet tooths out there who find themselves day dreaming about running into a candy store and stuffing their pockets full of sweet treats. Now you are going to be craving free as well as cavity free and be able to live your best life with delicious juices like this one right here by your side pushing you on and having your back. A flavor can bring about so many different emotions and memories, the cheerful, bright tastes that Three Little Bears Went Sour will be sure to have you feeling like you're walking on sunshine and absolutely nothing can bring you down. Mad Scientists E Liquid is a line that makes some of the most creative, amazing juices that are unlike everything else that's out there on the market. They have a real passion for vaping that elevates their products so much further and will make you feel like your vaping something really special every time that you load their options into your tank. Three Little Bears Went Sour combines the classic, fruity gummy bear flavor with some taste bud tantalizing tartness and a hint of bold licorice that will have you feeling completely and totally stunned by its multidimensional nature.

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