WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Delete Me 2

Delete Me 2


Just as magical, mystical and beloved as the mythical creature that it's named after, this is going to be that blend that you can reach for whenever you start to crave a fun, mood uplifting juice that is going to turn your frown upside down. Take an inhale and feel yourself being flown up into the sky on the back of a beautiful unicorn, up above the clouds where there isn't a worry in sight and you can finally let loose. When you first hear the name you might find yourself trying to stifle a giggle, that laughter inducing silliness is going to set the stage for an experience that is just how happy and positive all together that you can't help yourself from walking away from it with an extra little skip in your step and lightness in your heart. We could all use a little bit more optimism and joy in our lives and this blend is going to be able to offer that up to you and so much more with its sweet, nostalgic mix of flavors that is going to make your taste buds go crazy as soon as the two come in contact. Mad Scientists E Liquid makes some of the most outrageous, creative and wildly unique juices that are going to absolutely charm your senses with their amazing way of bringing authenticity and balance to everything that they produce. Not only are you getting great flavor but you'll also find yourself being impressed by their smooth texture and top notch quality. Unicorn Poop combines sweet, fruity candy flavors with a hint of bold licorice and a dash of cotton candy that tastes just like a candy store just exploded in your mouth.

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