G2 Vapor

G2 Vapor

Made in Glen Burnie, MD

Recipients of the 2015 Best Drink Flavor award, it's safe to say G2 knows what they're doing when it comes to vape juice. Each of their flavors has a well deserved devoted following in their own right, and every new product G2 releases is hotly anticipated.

El Blacco Juice

El Blacco

by G2 Vapor

4.5/5 2,412 Ratings

rich, berry, blackberry, tobacco, and cream

Blue Pop Shock Juice

Blue Pop Shock

by G2 Vapor

5.0/5 3,463 Ratings

fruit, candy, blue raspberry, berry, sour, raspberry, and tart

Cactus Juice Juice

Cactus Juice

by G2 Vapor

5.0/5 3,943 Ratings

citrus, orange, tangerine, orange juice, fruit, pineapple, tart, and lemon

Gilligan's Island Juice

Gilligan's Island

by G2 Vapor

4.5/5 2,909 Ratings

pineapple, tropical, savory, fruit, coconut, punch, and citrus

Drunk Monkey Juice

Drunk Monkey

by G2 Vapor

4.5/5 2,490 Ratings

banana, dessert, cream, spicy, alcohol, and rum

Mr. Cookie Juice

Mr. Cookie

by G2 Vapor

4.0/5 2,951 Ratings

caramel, dessert, and cookie

Dr. Green Juice

Dr. Green

by G2 Vapor

4.5/5 1,261 Ratings

fruit, apple, pear, kiwi, and tart

caRnY4 Juice


by G2 Vapor

4.0/5 1,908 Ratings

caramel, caramel corn, tobacco, vanilla, and ry4

Banana Pud'n Juice

Banana Pud'n

by G2 Vapor

4.5/5 2,667 Ratings

dessert, cream, rich, vanilla, banana bread, custard, and banana

DeShock Juice


by G2 Vapor

5.0/5 1,666 Ratings

berry, raspberry, and fruit

Mrs. Berry Juice

Mrs. Berry

by G2 Vapor

5.0/5 3,143 Ratings

strawberry, dessert, marshmallow, milk, and berry

Vazilla Juice


by G2 Vapor

5.0/5 3,113 Ratings

dessert, vanilla, cream, and custard

Purple Nurple Juice

Purple Nurple

by G2 Vapor

4.5/5 2,881 Ratings

grape, fruit, candy, and soda

Pastry Parts Juice

Pastry Parts

by G2 Vapor

5.0/5 1,536 Ratings

strawberry, dessert, rich, bakery, pastry, donut, and berry

Tropical Melon Juice

Tropical Melon

by G2 Vapor

4.0/5 10 Ratings

fruit, rich, coconut, pineapple, punch, ginger, citrus, tropical, melon, and savory

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