WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Justin's review of Soul Patch by Buku Vapor Select

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I was super excited to see the juice as the first zample box juice I tried. The liquid was just a beautiful royal blue (my favorite color), so naturally I tried it first. Sour patch kids are my favorite candy, especially the blue razz berry ones. This is a max VG Blend and I Ran it on my Reuleaux RX200 with Mutation X V5 with a 0.5 ohm 24g 3mm dual 13 wrap kanthal coil. The vapor production is pretty nice and it felt dense, even with wide open airflow. The flavor was the perfect combination of sweet to sour. It tasted exactly like a blue sour patch kid, but not at its most sour, or at its most sweet. It tasted like u ad sucked it for about 30 seconds and was right in between sweet and sour. Perfect place to land the flavor. The plastic around the cap was a bit difficult to get off, but that is just a small subjective con. The juice is delicious, but I wish it had a little more PG. The flavor is just not right up in your face screaming, so about 10% more PG might have brought that out a little. I am glad that I got to try this great juice. If you like Blue Razz Berry, this is one of the best. This is my favorite Juice out of the 11 from the August box, earning it the 5 star rating

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