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Boo's review of Toucan by Cali Steam



I'm not sure if it's because I went from a milder lemon flavored cupcake juice, to this one, but this one seemed a little harsh. It reminds me of 2 different things. After you get used to it, it's like eating a handful of dry fruit loops (the throat hit on this one is like inhaling the fruit loop dust at the bottom of the bag). Second, I imagine this might be what lemon pledge tastes like. It still isn't terrible, but I feel like it could have been toned down with some milk, which I didn't taste.

I'll vape the rest of this, or clean my wood with it. Either way, I'll finish the bottle.

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We did not taste any milk at all... You are so right. We added some Cali Steam, "Cinna Swirl" to it and that really helped!