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California Vaping Company Bandit Tobacco E-Juice Flavor
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Who stole my tobacco! Those dastardly bandits know a good thing when they see it and this velvety smooth tobacco flavor is just that! With a dash of caramel and almond this e-liquid will have you thinking about holding up a vape train too!

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Top positive review


I like this flavor, it's taste like a cigarette, which is helping me, get over my urges to smoke a cigarette.

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I don't want any tobacco flavor. Don't like the tast any more


It must be something with the tobacco flavoring used because this is kind of nasty like all the other flavors I've had that has tobacco flavor in it (tobacco alone. Mixed with nuts. Mixed with berries. Whatever). This one is less nasty that another flavor in this particular box with tobacco but I definitely do not want it again. Ironically, I'm a smoker who loves the taste of real tobacco so this makes no sense to me. I will note that I can taste the different flavors in this one. Too bad it's all kind of gross.