WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Re Fresh by California Vaping Company

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Re Fresh has menthol
Re Fresh has mint
Re Fresh has citrus
Re Fresh has cucumber
Re Fresh has lime

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The freshest menthol medley yet. Enjoy a cooling concoction of lemon, lime, and cucumber while being blown away by an intense mint flavor from organic mint leaves.

For adult smokers of legal smoking age only.


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Throat Hit

Top positive review

Photo of Re Fresh by Casper
Casper avatar



At first when I recieved my box, I looked through the flavours and thought that this one would probably be only ok. cucumber? Like what the hell does cucumber even taste like? It's like 99% water! But as soon as I ran out of my old juice and opened up this box, I felt like trying something nice and refreshing and I had 2 mint flavours to choose from so I gave this one a go. And OMG! It blew me away! First of all, I'm having a bit of a cold and a sore throat at the moment of writing this review and as soon as I took the first hit of this amazing flavour, I was overpowered by the mint and it scared me a little bit. Last mint flavour I tried was some cheap shit for my ego like a year ago and that wasn't very impressive. But after a few hits I got used to the flavour a little and I felt my throuat and my nose feeling a LOT better right away! It says on the bottle that the mint comes from organic mint leaves, so it's not just some chemical shit. Real organic mint is like a miracle medicine for colds, I love this juice right now!

It's not like I only like it because it's making my cold go away because the flavour is also excellent and really fresh. I instantly added this to my wishlist and i will probably sometime soon have to invest in a 180ml bottle or something because I can't get enough of this!

I easily give this 5 stars because it really went over my expectations and I was happily surprised. I chose medium throat hit, not just because of the nicotine but mostly because of the strong mint. Don't get me wrong, It's a very clean and fresh hit and I love it!

Top negative review

Jody avatar



Very nice citrus juice. I am very picky about my ejuices. I really liked the lemon, lime but couldnt find the cucumber flavor. It didnt make me go WOW! The menthol is really strong.

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Photo of Re Fresh by TINA
TINA avatar



This flavor was one that I did not want to try- the Cucumber sounded a bit off putting, but I thought I'd give it a quick try before giving it away. I'm so glad I did. I smelled it first and was put off. It doesn't smell very good in the bottle. kinda chemical like. The Cucumber is very slight but definitely gives the "Refresh"-ing taste. The Menthol with the lemon and lime with the cucumber is really good. The first inhale was menthol- for sure. This flavor is a great "wake me up" type flavor and can clean your pallet if you change flavors often. This one is currently my favorite. Don't be afraid of the profile. It's worth it!

FrozoWolf avatar



Tastes just like a mint with a little citrus! Love it! This one is for real menthol lovers.

Donna avatar



I love love love this liquid. So crisp and clean.

Brian avatar



Lime and menthol! And I guess cucumber if you're choosy. Could definitely stay on this all day. Great mix!

Isaac avatar



The cucumber was off putting in the description,but the taste reminds me of a minty Sprite and it's really good. Don't shy away because it says cucumber, it's a nice flavor!

Jasen avatar



Me and my wife both loved this one. in the beginning u get that combo of the Lemon, Lime and Cucumber taste. But when you exhale the Mint/Menthol really hits like u just bit into a mint in your mouth giving you that fresh exhaled breath wonderful flavor would def get everytime.


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