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Pep Pattie by Candy Land Liquid
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Dark chocolate with a cool, Creamy peppermint center.

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Not a juice you I would expect to like, with most premiums of this flavor is overwhelming. Perfectly mixed of, taste like mini patties.

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This juice taste just like a peppermint patty! Delicious hints of dark chocolate, the mint in it is better than i have ever tasted before. taste like real chocolate my new favorite ejuice hands down!


Definitely did not expect to like this one as I do not like chocolate. But it's amazing!!

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If you love the feeling of standing on a tall mountain... Like the old York peppermint patty commercials. They crammed one of those into this bottle. If a York PP is your thing, this is your juice!

Enjoyed on my SIgelei 213 Mod with Goon RDA Running dual 5-wrap clapton coils: 0.15ohms 69-watts 3.2-volts


It tastes exactly like a peppermint patty. There are chocolate undertones, and the peppermint is rather robust.

I enjoyed it, but its a bit strong for someone who never smoked menthol in the past. It reminds me of Marlboro Smooth cigs.

I'll keep it in my rotation, for the times I want something really different. The throat hit was odd... prpbably because the peppermint, it made it feel like it was really harsh (But in a good way).

I gave it 4 stars, because it's exactly as described. It's just not for everyone.


Smells just like a peppermint patty. The actual taste is muted compared to the fragrance, starts with a mild dark chocolate and finishes with mint. I did like it more than I expected. I'm not a fan of any chocolate/mint combo, but this is something to add to my usual fruity choices.