Cape Fear Juice Thalian E-Juice Flavor
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Strawberries topped with a big spoonful of dulce de leche and sweet cream add up to be one of the best Strawberry and Cream style e-juices that we have ever tried!

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This was another interesting flavor from the zamteam. It tasted kinda like a bitter tea, with a caramel twist in it.. Very faint bit still there.. You could taste that sorta buttery sugar undertone.. A good vape.. Again excellent with a coffee.. Or a dark soda..

Top negative review


tastes like strange stale fruit rung through a filthy rotten gym sock. besides that, the friggen seal on the bottle was broken when it got here! I would recommend this to anyone wanting to torture an annoying vapor hipster punk through their taste buds. #dookiejuice

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I was hopeful when I read the description, but the juice left me feeling ho-hum about it.

The flavors are fine, but falls in with most creamy juices in that the creamy flavor overwhelms everything, and there just aren't any real distinct flavors. The strawberry is good, but too faint, and the whole thing tastes sorta like you stored sweet cream in a plastic container that previously housed strawberries. You can pick up the flavor kind of, but it's only really enough to wish you had more.


Pretty good! Not one of my top 10 good but still good. When I read the description I honestly wasn't sure what I would be getting...and to be completely honest it was kind of a good way though. I was expecting a creamy berry with a hint of caramel or something. But when I first cracked the bottle open..which took longer than the other bottles in my box due to the weird cap...I didn't think I would like it due to the overwhelming coffee scent with a little bit of an alcohol smell to it....but when I tasted it it couldn't have tasted farther from almost had a mocha or chocolate cream flavor to me. But my brother tasted it and tasted more of the berries than I did...I could barely taste them.


Was too thick and was not able to get a good taste.