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Churreos by Churreos by Fate Liquid
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Warm Chocolatey churros filled with gooey, sweet cream icing. 

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All the flavors are present. I would highly recommend this juice. I tried it at a local vape shop and loved it, but he was out of 3 mg so I went home and got a better member price on zample box as it was 30 dollars at the local shop. I ordered on Friday evening and had it Monday when I got home from work. The taste I would say is a light cinnamon and creamy flavor. Smooth all the way. Will be getting more of it. Only thing was that I got a bottle with a pour only cap, no nipple to drip with, thank goodness I had a gorilla bottle to put it . It's like a cinnamon sugar after taste. I can lick my lips and it's still there!