Classic Line Amber E-Juice Flavor

Meet Amber. This sweet little lady is serving up flavors of creamy parfait topped with ripe banana in each and every drop of this Helios ejuice. Once you've met her once, you'll be in love.

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Dry, stale tobacco scent with a hint of sweetness. The inhale had a light dry tobacco taste that seemed to dry the mouth. The exhale had hints of caramel,which I wish had been present throughout. While I wouldn't recommend this to your average vaper, those who enjoy tobacco, especially dryer tobacco flavors, would probably enjoys this.

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did not taste like tobacco at all, the taste super disgusting can even combine with other juices just to serve as vg juice its just disgusting

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More floral than tobacco if you ask me.

The name makes me think of a honey or tea, so it only makes sense that the flavor is more herb-esque.

It could probably use an alternate flavor, like caramel or vanilla to soften the floral richness. I don't think this should be sent to people who use "tobacco" as a category.


I don't like cigar flavor at all