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SoCo Bacco by Classic Line
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A delicious concoction of a spiced aged rum and a sweet syruped tobacco. This ejuice is a potent but sweet flavor at the same time.

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Top positive review


very good, I enjoyed this one

Top negative review


Ugh. I dunno if I got a bad bottle, or if this flavor is just not well formulated. I got the caramelly, rummy SoCo taste on the inhale, but the exhale was like a very cheap and nasty Peruvian cigar; if I exhaled through the nose I could catch slight hints of maple cured tobacco. Throat hit was brutal, even at 3mg; felt like I was vaping a tire fire. Oddly, the second hand vapor smelled delicious---a nice maple pipe tobacco smell. Originally thought it was a flavor mixing issue since I didn't change the wick when I changed from another tobacco flavor to this one, but it got even worse with new wick. The manufacturer of this juice doesn't appear to make this flavor anymore, and I suspect it's precisely because of the taste and/or they got slapped on the wrist by the owners of Southern Comfort for using the SoCo trademark. Not recommended.

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Omg this is the best ejuice I have ever had.if u like ur juice sweet this is for you.the inhale u can taste a hint of coconut.I would highly recommend this if you love sweet.