WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
The Voyage by Coastal Clouds Deep Sea

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Enjoy an exciting blast from the past with The Voyage by Coastal Clouds. It’s the classic rice crispy treat idea, but they brought in the captain and his crunch berries instead. A delicious vape held together by gooey marshmallow, this Coastal Clouds e-juice is fantastic if you have a sweet tooth but want a delicate vaping experience.

Although The Voyage by Coastal Clouds comes with a low throat hit, it still produces plenty of plumes and tastes when you exhale. If you enjoy vaping with your friends, you can use this Coastal Clouds vapor to impress them with sweet smells.

For adult smokers of legal smoking age only.


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This is without a doubt my favorite juice of all time. I got it in my last box and just ordered 2 more bottles. If youre looking for something sweet with a low throat hit this is perfect. Very Very smooth. Easily a 10 out of 10. EDIT: just ordered another bottle. This will be three months in a row of this being in my cart. Lol

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Photo of The Voyage by Sarah
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Just bought for a second time and already have in my next box......omg yummy

Photo of The Voyage by Ian
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Very nice flavor, easily my favorite from the 6 I received. It's got a nice mix of the flavors it's going for, with no one of them overpowering the others too much, got a very nice sweetness throughout each part too, got the marshmallow with light berry cereal with a touch of eggnog on the inhale, and on the exhale you get that rice krispie sort of flavor with the taste of eggnog feeling a bit more highlighted, it's a bit strange and makes you feel like you've got super bad breath, but it adds a bit of mouth feel that compliments it all real nicely. This is definitely one to check out if you want something a bit different from your usual cereal vapes without losing that quality you look for in them, ADV.

Photo of The Voyage by James Bailey
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James Bailey


Fantastic my friends is all I am going to say about this juice. My one observation is that I tasted no rice krispy. Everything else was there and accounted for.

Photo of The Voyage by Savannah
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This is my new favorite rice crispy flavor. It’s very clean giving just the right tart notes of Berries and fruit along with a very accurate rice crispy taste. It tastes as if you are having a bowl of rice crispy with a plate of fruit alongside your morning breakfast! The inhale is not overwhelming but mello with a little zing of sweetness and the exhale is thick yet taste disappears with the huge thick clouds. Recommend this juice and also recommend to leave it in your tank for at least 10 minutes to a couple hours to get all notes of flavor. Very accurate and great branding. Bottle is sturdy and well made I vape in a smok majesty.

Photo of The Voyage by Erick
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Surprisingly good. I picked this one on a whim, never really liked captain crunch as a kid, but enjoyed vaping it. It has the signature captain crunch flavor with just the right amount of crunch berries. The marshmallow was subtle and buttery, just spot on for what they were aiming for. I would definitely recommend giving it a try whether you’re a cereal fan or not.

Photo of The Voyage by Aaron
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Nice sweet blueberry muffin flavour. Smooth, no throat hit. A slight rice crispy flavour but I'd say more of a cakey blueberry muffin. Delicious.