WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

KrzCooter's review of Chemtrails by ConspiracE Liquid

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ConspiracE-Liquid - Chemtrails is a juice that I wasn't sure what to expect. I usually enjoy a good yogurt juice but there are a ton of really good yogurt offerings out there and you really need to do something really special to stand out from the masses. I have never heard of this juice line before so I went in to this testing completely unbiased. The entire ConspiracE-Liquid line is based on a conspiracy theme that I thought was pretty cool. Yes, I watch Ancient Aliens. Lol. It takes more than a cool marketing idea to get me hooked on your brand. I am all about the flavor. Chemtrails is a black currant yogurt flavored juice that should have you blowing vape trails like the CIA's chemtrails that come out of planes. I stuck this juice into a GeekVape Griffin 25 running a dual coil build at 0.31 ohms. The flavor of this juice is pretty smooth. The inhale is almost pure yogurt and on the exhale you get more yogurt along with some of the black currant. The yogurt is definitely the primary flavoring of this juice with the black currant just playing a minor supporting role in the background. Two or three years ago I would have definitely loved this juice but nowadays you can't even go to the gas station without seeing a yogurt e-juice so a yogurt e-juice really needs to be something special to stand out from the crowd. While I agree this is definitely a good, smooth, creamy yogurt juice it is definitely missing that something special. If you want a almost pure yogurt juice with a light black currant exhale with very little throat hit then you might want to give ConspiracE-Liquids Chemtrails a shot but if you want something with more fruit than yogurt then I recommend trying something else. It is good but not amazing.

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