Conspiracy Liquids 4th Dimension E-Juice Flavor
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When this e-juice is vaporized you enter the spacetime continuum. Where your taste buds are sent into the 4th dimension. You might even access the Akashic records. An eliquid mix of a ripe guava, guava jelly, mango and passion fruit.

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4th Dimension isn't as much bad, as it is just weird. I ended up changing my rating between 1 and 3 stars multiple times before deciding that 2 felt right. The combination of guava, guava jelly (not 100% sure what the jelly adds), mango and passion fruit is too convoluted. The citrus also adds an unpleasant tingle to the throat hit that I don't like (I like a strong throat hit, just not from burning citrus flavors).

I did work through the whole bottle, but didn't enjoy it very much.