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Alien Blood by Conspiracy Liquids
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Alien Disclosure is upon us and it all starts with alien DNA. This sour green apple gummy bear ejuice is an extraterrestrial gooey mix that is truly outta this world.

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This is one of my all time favorite juices. If I could add it to my subscription box every month I would without hesitation. Its literally sour, like you are eating a sour gummy worm. Its tangy, sour, and sweet. Love it!

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I was so looking forward to this after many rave reviews but when it came I was disappointed. However I will try to remain unbiased. . . Overall the flavours came together well but could have been better. I steeped for a further two weeks (in Australia so delivery takes time as well) and still found the sour and the apple hard to discern. It is ok to vape once in awhile but not sure if I will purchase this one again. I'll steep longer and see if anything changes.