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The Kennedy by Conspiracy Liquids
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Still an unsolved conspiracy. One thing is undeniable. JFK loved his cookies and this one is no exception. A pistachio sugar cookie layered with sweet caramel and finishes delicious vanilla notes.

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Top positive review


This is another one that I kept changing my mind on how good it was. In the end, I liked it, but wouldn't look for it again.

It is a very delicate flavor. The flavors are certainly there, and they even accomplish both working together while retaining their unique taste, well. I think what really kept this juice from being a complete winner was that I kept finding myself waiting for that one puff to really grab me, and while I enjoyed the flavor, there was nothing that jumped out and grabbed me.

Also, pistachio is just an odd duck. I finally went ahead and added it as a flavor that I dislike on my profile, not because I necessarily dislike it across the board, but because I think it's just hard to pair well with other flavors. I've tried several, and had a couple that were great, but for the most part I'm left thinking "huh."

Top negative review


This is a very unique, complex juice. I don't get the Pistachio, but instead a distinct Hazelnut like taste shines through. I like it, but I don't think I would ever purposely look for it myself due to it's complex oddness to it, but it's definitely different. Warning though, this juice is a true coil killer ugh :(