Cosmic Fog Euphoria E-Juice Flavor
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Fall into a creamy dreamy vapey eliquid cereal bliss with this euphoric fruity concoction of looped breakfast cereal with a twist. Think Japanese RAMUNE soda with a marble!

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Taste was good but im not a cereal fan. Just happen to taste it

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Was a blind purchase. Was a very cool and smooth vape on the inhale, coming out of my derringer I was surprised at how tame it was as that same build produced a more warm vape with any other juice I drip. Flavor on the inhale was almost like watered down maple and blueberry syrup. Upon exhale, the vapor was very thick but not so dense. Flavor was like you added whipping cream to the watered down syrup flavor. I may have purchased from a bad batch, but I digress. The juice was not terribly flavored, I just found it to be somewhat odd. As i chain vape it was kinda cool to not have my atty fry my lips from long 10 second pulls. Even if I was vaping a few mls in a sitting. All and I would not purchase again, though I would not recommend against it as taste is purely subjective and there is a market for dill pickle flavors so, to each his/her own

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Honestly worst cereal flavor ever.. Way too much citrus aftertaste


It tastes like they say, but this stuff gave me an allergic reaction or something. Im done with cosmic frog products.