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Pura Vida by Crow & Chemist
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This lovely e-liquid is a nice blend of pineapple and coconut. With vanilla over tones it is the perfect juice for after any meal.

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Top positive review


It might be an acquired taste, but I wasn't a fan of this liquid. It's not very fruity, so for those who like a more savory flavor might enjoy this. The coconut flavor was little too much for me, even though I love coconut. Perhaps it wasn't the balance between coconut and pineapple that I was hoping for; I also can't really taste the vanilla at all.

The juice is definitely low on throat hit, but it burns the hell out of my chest. I'm not sure if that's because of how acidic the pineapple flavor is, but it's a very unpleasant feeling.

Overall, I can tell this is pretty quality juice. It has a nice consistency, and the flavor itself will be appreciated by the pina colada lovers. Even though I don't particularly like it, I wouldn't necessarily try and persuade anyone out of buying it.

Top negative review


overpowering coconut leaves a waxy feel in my mouth with a backdraft of pineapple and sometype of cooling sensation just gross tastes kinda like a tropical menthol floor cleaner, and i absolutely loved malibu dream by cali steam so crow and chemist screwed this up big time some how oh also almost forgot because its not present at all but theres no vanilla in this at all like it says there is so theres my take on it tropical menthol floor cleaner

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I dont like this one! It has a very disgusting aftertaste... 😏 I was expecting something more like a piña colada! I don't feel the vanilla or maybe it's too much vanilla I don't know. It's weird! Have more coconut than pineapple. But when I vape it smell good...


I get that everyone's taste is subjective...but damn...this is literally the worst e liquid I've ever tasted. It tasted the way a Hawaiian air freshener smells. Which maybe sounds good in theory...but NO! It burned my throat and made my tongue go bad :(


Right off the bat the throat hit is pretty harsh. I'm not sure if it is maybe the type of nicotine they used or maybe because of the pineapple, but it is pretty off-putting. The cloud production isn't really all that great either. The other 70% juices that I have make really good clouds, but this juice is weak in comparison.

Flavor-wise, I was hyped to see a pina colada type flavor in my box and when I initially smelled it, it smelled amazing. Unfortunately that's the only real positive that I've found with this juice. The coconut is overpowering and not in a pleasant way either. I don't get any pineapple or vanilla on the inhale or exhale. It also leaves a very unpleasant coating or feel in my mouth. It makes me think of those wax bottle candies that you can get in stores... and I don't mean the liquid inside. I mean, quite literally the wax part of it.

The coconut doesn't taste candied or anything. It tastes more like one that's not quite ripe. There's no sweetness to it and it leaves a horrible aftertaste behind. The pineapple is virtually nonexistent and so is the vanilla.

All in all, I'm hard-pressed to find anything positive about this juice. If you were to ask me whether or not I would recommend it, I would give a very firm no, which is very disappointing to me.

In the interest of fairness, though, I will let this juice steep for a few days or more and revisit it to see if it's improved.


Tased like chemicals with overpowering vanilla


Didn't like this at all very over powering left a strong after taste in my mouth like nail polish and chemicals. I let my two friends try it and both hated it too