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Bird Brains by Cuttwood
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Bird Brains - Fruit Loop Cereal Flavor

70% VG

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Top positive review


I love this juice. It was the first cereal vape I tried and it's been in my Top 5 since. Very sweet and very "froot loop"-esque. Not recommended if you don't like strong flavors or sweet juices. But definitely one I'll keep buying.

Top negative review


I've got mixed feelings about this juice. Ever since I started vaping, I've been looking for the perfect fruit loops ejuice, and my initial thought was: I finally found it! You know how you open a fresh pack of fruit loops and smell that overwhelming yet delicious smell of fruit and cereal? This is exactly what I felt upon smelling this juice, it made me happy. So I got my Avocado 24 to try this bad boy out, and that's where my experience started to decrease bit by bit. What I noticed right of the bat, was an almost unbelievably strong throat hit, something I haven't experienced from any other fruit loops flavor juices. Keep in mind that this was a 3mg juice. This put me off a bit, as I like to chainvape my juices. The flavor was decent, definitely better than Looper from the ANML line, but not by a great much. The problem I have with this juice, is the absence of milk or any sort of cream. It tastes like dry cereal, and nothing else. Don't let me discourage you though. It might be a hit for some, but it's a miss for me.

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It does taste like Fruit Loops cereal. As another reviewer mentioned, there is no milk or creme flavor, just the dry cereal but that's okay. I smoked this using My. Von Erl which was my first vape device.


This is also my first juice from which i start vaping and it's not so bad actually, especially on breath out i feel like in night club, smells very similar and i like it :)


Overpoweringly sweet. Actually made me feel a bit sick. I love the other flavours from these guys but wouldn't recommend this one.