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Drip Line Peaches and Cream E-Juice Flavor

Peaches and Cream Drip Line

4.5/5 454 Ratings

When everything is peaches, why not add some cream? This eliquid will brighten up not only your vape, but your day!

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Top positive review


Very good taste and just enough vapor. At first I didn't like it until I changed the coil on my Mod. Sweet!

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I didn't think that I would like this flavor, but I'm happy to say I was wrong. From the description on the menu card this sounded like it was going to be a dull and forgettable juice. The beauty of it is just how well the two simple flavors work together. This liquid reminds me of fruit and cream hard candy. It has fantastic cloud production and has no throat hit. After being disappointed by overly complex flavors, I truly enjoyed the simplicity of Peaches and Cream.


This is the best peach vape I've ever come across! The peach flavor is not too strong, and doesn't come across as artificial like some I've had, and the cream is delicious! I love fruit and cream combinations, but only when they've been mixed with the right brands of flavorings. There's a certain cream base that that I swear tastes like burnt plastic, but not this one, Drip Line's Peaches and Cream is made from top-notch ingredients. It's my favorite out of the box!


The peach wasn't very prominent, but the cream definitely. Smooth inhale, a slight throat kick. Perfectly packaged. Would definitely recommend.


Nice I like it I would recommend this juice everybody


Nice Creamy sensation mixed with peach Flavour Not to Bad for creamy experience