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Drip Line Pink Fruit Chew E-Juice Flavor

Pink Fruit Chew Drip Line

4.5/5 369 Ratings

Those individually wrapped little square candies giving you a tooth ache? Try vaping this delightful pink fruit chew ejuice and swap clouds for your cavities.

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Top positive review


Flavor on this on e is spot on! Tastes just like everyones favorite Strawberry chew!! Very addictive!

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Taste's exactly as described. It's high vg so the flavor is light but it is really good.

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Review time folks! I finally got to try this exciting one :)

My setup for my latest box was the Kanger Tech Toptank Mini equipped with a Clapton Coil at 0.5 ohm vaping at 30 watts.

So the smell of this one was fantastic, I prefer the sweet candy, fruity ones and this one delivered. A bit less flavor on the inhale and exhale I'm afraid but all together a great vape.

I would recommend this one to people who like sweet fruity flavors.

/Nick #CallMeJack


i love this flavor but i wanted to buy it but does not sell in texas :(


Loads of vapor, no throat hit, label specifically says Zamplebox.

As with any of the starburst juices I have tried so far the flavour is an extremely light but pleasant candy strawberry.

One of these days I would really like a starburst with more flavour but until I hear of 1 I think I will add starburst to my dislikes list since they never have much, even in an rda.


the inhale was pretty good but the flavor wasn't really up to my likings but i needed ejuice so i am just vaping it to get by 3 out of 5