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Mistress by Dripped Life
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Smooth and creamy, with a blend of juicy berries, this wonderful flavor just lingers perfectly on your tongue and leaves you satisfied without doing any work. So light a candle, kick your feet up, and relax… we’ll never tell ;)

80% VG


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Top positive review


One of my favourite vapes. Pretty good flavour and vapour production. I am just surprised that it is listed as "Fruit" and "Berry" here. I got it from my local shop and can't even remember what they told me it is supposed to taste like, but to me it tastes like some sweet cake flavour. Would have never guessed fruits, definitely bakery-type flavour, for me at least. My only gripe is that this flavour doesn't do well on high temps (Crown II). TC is fine up to 280C and Wattage mode is fine up to 50W on 0.5 SS coil. Above that the flavour becomes a bit burned on the exhale.