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Eve E Liquids Blueberry Church E-Juice Flavor

Move over Mr. Pastor! This e-liquid packs all the flavor of delicious chocolate covered blueberries into each and every drop. Vape one drip and you'll be preaching to the choir.

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First of all, this comes in what looks to be like a miniature perfume bottle...not very manly. Definitely looks to be aimed at the female vaping market. As for the taste, the chocolate is vastly overwhelming in relation to the blueberry. This juice would be so much better if they boosted the blueberry flavor and cut back on the chocolate flavor. As it stands, it's too sweet and starts to tire out my taste buds after half a tank full...needs the tartness of the berry to help cut the sweetness of the chocolate. I'll be giving this one to someone else that likes to vape chocolate perfume.