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Neon Green Slushie by FAR by Element

Neon Green Slushie FAR by Element

4.0/5 3 Ratings
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One of a kind mouthwaterring and invigorating bright neon lime blend. Cool down and chill out with our thirst-quenching sumptuous combination of intense neon green lime over endless slush ice. This zesty lime is sweetened to perfection making it the ideal taste bud tamer.

80% VG

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Great flavor my favorite juice so far.


Wow, that's a strong flavour and I am not saying this in a good way. It does taste exactly like the green slushies you can buy at amusement parks and what not, which isn't much of a pro, considering they are so artificial that half of their taste is like the smell you get when you enter a pharmacy/dentist/chemistry lab/etc. Even if that is your thing, keep in mind that this is too strong for tanks that have a lot of flavour. For me at least, it is way too strong for Crown II and Griffin 25 Plus. I will probably like it on my Cubis with a 1Ohm coil, but I am out of coils at the moment, so can't try it. Also, I can't feel any fruit flavour - just taste of chemicals and some extreme citrus.